Vision VR/AR Summit

Hosted by Unity Technologies, Vision Summit is the premiere event for virtual and augmented reality – also known as VR/AR. Featuring tech leaders, design innovators, and visionaries in the fast-growing world of VR/AR, it is the first event of its kind to bring together over 1,400 contributors from a variety of industries –gaming, manufacturing, film, healthcare, and automotive.

The two-day conference was held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, and included a keynote, a partner expo, a demo showcase, breakout sessions, and a welcome reception.

With content focused on immersive and simulative technology, CRG selected and partnered with a production team to develop innovative session presentation and demo space experiences.

General session featured a custom built curved screen that encompassed the space with an almost 180-degree view. The unique challenge of this event was to present content on a general session screen that is designed for a VR headset. The goal of the stage screen was to give the audience an immersive experience -as if they were viewing the session through their own headset while maintaining the quality required while presenting to 1,400 attendees.

Developers showcased their latest technologies at the highly-anticipated demo showcase. From audio-video experiences to complex physical simulation, CRG and the production team went to the drawing board to define the ideal space to highlight virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. Our team created a fully immersive space using custom built three-walled booths that minimized light and sight interference between demos. The three-walled booth footprint allowed users to move about freely and experience the technology.

Client: Unity Technologies

Industry: Software, Interactive Entertainment

Number of Attendees: 1,400

Destination: Los Angeles, CA

CRG Services: Project Management, Event Logistics including Staging & Production Management, Sponsorship Management, Event Registration, Conference Fee Collection, Onsite Logistics Management, Onsite Attendee Check-in