I absolutely love the way people are using technology to find new ways to get connected with each other IN PERSON.

The new, coolest thing? Okay, it’s new to me, but it has clearly been around for a while, as there are already 6 MILLION monthly visitors to the site who participate in one or more of the 180,000 monthly meetups. More than 2,000 groups get together every single day. At Meetup, their stated mission is to help the world’s people self-organize into local groups to DO something, LEARN something, SHARE something, CHANGE something.

I spent a little time clicking around the Meetup site and found some groups that I would love to explore. A sampling of what is happening within five miles of my home:

  • The Seattle Bicycling Meetup Group – 559 Bicyclists
  • The Seattle Backpackers Meetup Group – 1,762 Backpackers
  • Spontaneous Seattle Trekkers – 625 Trekkers
  • Sit ‘n’ Knit ~ Seattle – 204 Yarnaholics
  • Eastside Ballroom Dancing – 268 Ballroom Dancers

And a few that I found a little quirky and absolutely fascinating:

  • Seattle UFO Network – Mercer Island, WA – 79 UFO Enthusiasts
  • Coffee Party – Mercer Island, WA – 20 Respectful Citizens
  • What CAN we eat? – 25 Awesome People
  • DNA Awakening – 53 Awakening Souls
  • Stroller Strides of South Bellevue and Mercer Island – 34 Fit Mammas!

Meetup believes that nothing is more awesome than what can happen when people connect. I love these guys!