The fun of photo booths

Photo booths have changed. We had one at the CRG company party this year and it was so much fun!

What’s new? Well, for starters there’s really not a “booth” anymore, but more of an “area.” The booth vendor comes with lots of props for people to play with, and play they do!

Another great innovation is that as the people are getting the fun photos taken they are being projected for everyone to see. Hilarious!

We had a great time with the photos (as you can see below), and our vendor, Usnaps, did a great job for us. One of the aspects of their site that I particularly like is that you pay for the service in advance, so afterward you “own” the pictures and can easily email or download them to use and share. Nice!

Get a photo booth for your next event when you want people to really connect, network and make great memories.

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